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Corporate Strategy

  • Analysis of markets, competition, processes and profitability
  • Further development and definition of business objectives
  • Development of adjusted business model
  • Opening of new markets and customers in Central-/ Eastern Europe and Asia
  • Initiation of contacts to new partners and investors
  • Consulting and services for executives and management training


  • Unreserved analysis of present situation
  • Increase of transparency and added value
  • Focussing on value drivers, key projects and processes
  • Identification and elimination of inefficiencies
  • Implementation of an appropriate controlling- and decision making mechanism
  • Measures to safeguard liquidity, planning and optimization
  • Agent between banks and businesses training


Corporate Follow-up

  • Preparation of company for follow-up regulation in respect to its personal, financial and fiscal situation
  • Support in finding of a suitable successor and his preparation for role as potential co-partner
  • Drafting of MBI/MBO-Structure
  • See also »Kompetenznetzwerk NachfolgeREGELN (Networking Group Company Follow-up)

Mergers & Aquisitions

  • Analysis of markets for potential partnership
  • Selecting and prenegotiation
  • Contract negotiation and due diligence
  • Coaching of integration process

Interim Management

  • Support / temporary support of existing management for restructuring tasks
  • Assumption of operative responsibility for execution of measures defined in restructuring consultation
  • Execution of subprojects / projects for overal process optimization